$9.99 – eBook of the Day – CCNA Portable Command Guide

Get on this one. Handy resource for home labbing or pushing your skills further.


Ciscopress eBook Dead of the Day ROUTE OCF $9.99

Ciscopress.com offer the book of the day. Digital copies of their books for $9.99. Massively reduced, these e-books come personalized with your name. Winking smile




For the past couple of days, the CCNP ROUTE 642-902 OCF has been up for sale. Good price for a good book. Great for the iPad or Laptop.

Weekend Labbing

This weekend I have finished reading over EIGRP (more study notes to come) and started to lab and put into practice the theory.

I have at my disposal the GNS3 Labs from CBT Nuggets ROUTE track, the Network Academy ROUTE Lab book.

These two resources provide a solid foundation to my practical studies. I have found that they give me directions when trying to lab a new concept. This then gets me rolling and then I can make my own to ensure the topic is firmly embedded in my brain and not leaking out my other ear.

I believe the best way to make it stick is blog examples of my configurations with an imaginary company.

Not sure of the name just yet but I do believe it will help.

2011. CCNA Certified and looking to the future.

December 2010 was when I finally went from “I would like to be a Cisco Certified Network Guru” to taking my first step towards my CCIE. Networking isn’t a job for me, it isn’t something that I *have* to do. For me it is a passion. I work in a heavily switched enterprise environment and want to bring my routing skills up to where my Switching knowledge is.

Follow me as I head along the path of Cisco Certification to CCIE, starting with CCNP ROUTE. The aims this year for 2011 are SWITCH, ROUTE and TSHOOT. Let’s begin.